Sunday, February 05, 2006

By way of Introduction

Welcome to the Socialist Unity Network blog. This blog will be maintained primarily by myself, Reuben Rosenberg, and Salman Shaheen although all the members of the SUN team will be able to post on it.

The point of this blog?

It will be a space where debate can happen - through the comments section - where snippiets of news can be published and points can be made.

Hope you enjoy,


1 comment:

The Sentinel said...

Once again you play underhanded games. Obscuring the truth and propagating lies, everywhere you slither.

You are nothing more then an excuse for a man with no concept of right or wrong.

Your repugnant beliefs are responsible for this shit hole we call the UK today.

You despise this country and its inhabitants and are nothing more then a traitor who does not have enough courage to live in the countries whose peoples you wish to import here wholesale or whose systems you advocate for our own.

History is a self repetitive entity however, and your day will soon end.

And the traditional punishment for treason will come back again.