Sunday, February 12, 2006

how did i miss this?

I wonder how i manage to miss this:

On the 11th of Febuary a march was called
'To defend the rights of all individuals to be able to think freely, criticize, be able to use their imaginations, to have the right to freedom of speech, and of expression' in front of BBC TV station in London.

Significantly it does seem to have been genuinely called by middle eastern progressives - including the Iranian civil rights committee who encountered once on a stall in london and who seem very good.

Organisers included:

Organisation of women’s freedom in Iraq-UK Branch, Middle East Centre for Women’s Rights (MECWR), International Federation of Iraqi refugees (IFIR) International Organisation of Iranian Refugees (IOIR), Iranian Civil Rights Committee and others. Iranian Civil Rights Committee (Iran CRC), Organisation for Emancipation of Women in Iran (OEWI).

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