Friday, June 09, 2006

Lazy, useless journalists make the best apologists for state terrorism

Today the BBC reported on the aftermath of Israel's horrific strike on Palestinian civilians on a Gaza beache. While they do report on the civilian casualties, I am particularly troubled by the last paragraph which states as if it were fact that 'For many months, the Israelis have regularly shelled open areas such as fields and orchards in an effort to prevent Palestinian militants using them to fire their home-made missile into crudely made missiles into nearby Israeli territory. '

To take at face value Israel's justification for shelling open fields is worse than stupid. Anybody vaguely acquainted with the situation will recognise such tactics of being part of a longstanding policy of collective punishment, of colletctively demoralising and physically weakening the Palestinians. Presumably if George Bush told him that he'd sent troops into Iraq to destoy WMD's hed believe that and all.

On a side note I am very pleased to have picked this up before
Mark Elf the 'buddha', if you like, of picking up Pro-Israeli shit in the media.


Phugebrins said...

Looks like artillery is going to be the new landmine, so to speak. With the added effect of killing anyone trying to scrape food from the earth.

Renegade Eye said...

Very powerful post.

Renegade Eye said...

I also posted on this subject. I was guilty of using some of your wording.

Reuben_the_communist said...

Just saw good post :)