Tuesday, September 12, 2006

9/11 remember the victims

On 11th September 1973, a brutal military coup was carried out in Chile by General Augusto Pinochet. A subsequent official government report has established that at least 3200 were murdered. Over the next three years a total of around 120000 were detained, often tortured.

The precise role of the US government is unknown, but certainly the coup had the blessing of President Nixon, and his National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger. In 2003, General Colin Powell, at that time US Secretary of State admitted that the US government had played a role in the coup, telling Black Entertainment TV channel, "With respect to your earlier comments about Chile in the 1970s and what happened with Mr. Allende, it is not a part of American history that we're proud of."

For all the rhetoric of bringing those repsonsible for the 9/11 outrages to justice, both Kissinger and Pinochet are enjoying a life of luxury and freedom.

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