Monday, December 04, 2006

Colin Fox at RAF Brize Norton demo

I am pleased to be able to give you a link to the audio of Colin Fox speech. Colin is convenor of the Scottish Socialist Party. He travelled a long way to make this speech, and I wish we could have given him more time.

His attendence shows the commitment that the SSP has to the anti-war movement. We should remember that Colin's SSP colleage, Rosie Kane MSP, has only just been released after a week in prison for opposing Britain's nuclear arsenal!

Thanks to Simon Bridewell for audio of all the speeches, which can be heard on Indymedia.

Listen to Colin Fox's full speech here.

Simon summarised Colin's speech as follows:

“Whilst he was coming along the road to the rally, Colin saw one of the aircraft taking off, and he said it reminded him of the more than 120 British soldiers who took off from the base and never came back home alive. And that figure, he said, was dwarfed by the more than three thousand American soldiers that didn’t come home either. And that figure itself was dwarfed by the 660 thousand Iraqis who haven’t come home, who have been murdered by this illegal occupation. We’ve been told, he said, that if we bring out the troops from Iraq, there’ll be civil war. The latest figures released by the UN, he said, indicate that by the end of this year there will be more than thirty six thousand five hundred people slaughtered in a sectarian civil war. We have a 9/11 happening virtually every month in Iraq, he said. Regime change in Iraq, he said, is the sole and inviolable right of the Iraqi people themselves. We are watching the endgame of a catastrophic political failure at the hands of Bush and Blair. We are watching the endgame where Labour politicians who supported the war are recanting and openly begging our forgiveness. What will Tony Blair be remembered for, asked Colin. Will he be remembered as the man who brought twenty years of the hated Tories to an end? Will he be remembered as the first Labour leader elected with a working majority? Will he be remembered as the first Labour prime minister to be elected three times? No he won’t. He’ll be remembered as a liar and the worst leader this country has ever had.”


Dave Riley said...

Talking of media: direct from Caracas -- video & audio

Vid from Cort Greene/ . Audio from my Venezuelan podcast. Please share. As an indication of where the left is heading in terms of media here in Australia a few localities are putting together multi media clebrations of the poll result in Venezuela

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Atleast something about SSP, that is not scandal related.