Monday, June 04, 2007

We are back


Sorry for the interruption in posting recently.

The blog was temporarily blocked by Google because they decided it was a so-called "Spam blog".

It seems they have an automated tool that searches blogs and tries to identify automated blogs being used for nefarious purposes, and their algorithm is too aggressive, and there are loads of false positives.

It is illuminating to read the Google help group, which is a forum for people with blogger problems, as this issue affects loads of people using Google Blogger.

There was one poor guy blocked at the same time as us who makes his living out of his blog, and has 400000 hits per month (which is slightly more than we get) - he was blocked. And what is so frustrating is there is no way with Blogger to get to speak, or even e-mail a human being.

Anyway, we are back, and we have resolved to migrate to Wordpress soon.


polizeros said...

You could migrate to and get free hosting, like with Blogger. It's a stripped down version of the the platform, not as configurable, but might work. It'll import directly from Blogger. is powerful and highly configurable. That's what I run at If you need any help, let me know.

AN said...

I think we will go down the route of getting our own domain name and hosting, even though that might make it more complicated at first.

But certainly we need all the hlp we can get, so I will bear the offer in mind. thanks.

D.B. said...

Good to see you back in action!

ModernityBlog said...

onward comrades! into the 21st century, the technology be our tool, for we are not Luddites but the most advanced section of the......

[fill in blank]

It should take you about 5 mins. to register Word Press , it is free.

then import the thread, 40-60 mins and comments.

add the links, 15 mins,

pick a nice clear format 3-5 mins.

and you're done, later on get wordpress to do the domain stuff for you durng any upgrade you fancy, it saves time

a piece of cake!

Liam Mac Uaid said...

How do you make a living from a blog?

AN said...

I think we would be hard pressed making a living out of blogging about Cuba and Rifondazione.

The guy in question runs a photography business and sells pictures via his blog. Also you can sell advertising space on your blog, and also merchandise. It is increasingly common.

Even based upon the traffic we get on SU blog, the commercial value of this blog is allegedly $38000.