Saturday, February 18, 2006

B52-two case before House of Lords next week

Demo: 9am, Parliament Square, Monday 20 February

Early on 18th March 2003 two activists - Toby Olditch and Philip Pritchard -were arrested trying to get into USAF Fairford to nonviolently disarm theB52 bombers stationed there.

Hours later these self-same bombers were usedto bomb Iraq. Though the pair were released on bail in June 2003 they are still waiting tostand trial. Next week, a five-day hearing in the House of Lords will determine whether or not they will be allowed to present one of the keyplanks of their defence, namely whether or not the international "Crime ofAggression" can ever be deemed a "crime" in UK domestic law. Show your support for Toby and Phil by joining the demo. in ParliamentSquare at 9am next Monday (20th Feb) - but check first in case there is a change of plan

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