Monday, February 13, 2006

Interview with Nepalese Maoist leader

There is a fascinating full transcript of Nepali Maoist leader Prachanda's interview with the BBC, that really is worth reading.

As over 13000 have died so far in the war, and due to the experience of Pol Pot’s Cambodia, I think some caution is understandable! However the Maoist rebels have recently built a working relationship with the constitutional opposition parties. And their determination not to disrupt the tourist industry suggests that they do not share the ideas of economic and cultural autarchy that led to disaster in Cambodia.

There was a good article in Socialist Worker last year from Dave Seddon, but things have moved on quite a bit since it was written:


Reuben said...

interesting, having seen that interview yesterday i thought it should be posted. great minds eh?

For some reasonevents in nepal seem to be falling under the radar of te left a bit. Maybe it s the name maoist which dampens enthusiasm. Certainly the attitudes to democracy expressed by the nepalese revolutionary leaaders are interesting.

BadMatthew said...

There was an excellent and long feature on Newsnight last night about Nepal, clearly showed the lack of legitimacy of the King and the state, and the appeal of the Maoists. They look very close to taking power, but then what?