Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bye bye Berlusconi

Good news at last in the Independent.

One week from election day Berlusconi supporters are braced for defeat. In fact he's been trailing in the polls to his center left rival Prodi for two years, so he'll have to pull something spectacular out of the bag to stay in the top spot.

Mind you, my one experience of Prodi was on Channel Four News when he was interviewed over the bribery scandals - and he seemed to spend his whole time defending or minimising Berlusoni's wrong doings. Blimey, hardly a fire brand.

Anyway, the important thing is that Berlusconi should be getting the boot. Who knows maybe he'll go to jail next...


Anderland said...

don't party just yet

AN said...

Interesting story in saturday's morning Stra that Berlusconi has agreed a reparations package for Libya, where Italy willl finance construction of some major road programme, in reparations fro Italian occupation between 1911 and 1943.

This is one good idea that Burlosconi could share with Tony Blair, how about reparations for the Atlantic slave trade for starters.

Jim Jay said...

It's tight - but not too tight to call


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