Sunday, April 23, 2006

Racism and Fascism in France

There's a disturbing report of political opinion in France being carried by Doug Ireland's excellent US-based blog Direland - even after the triumph of the student and worker struggles against the CPE - headlined as 'FRANCE: ONE-THIRD IDENTIFY WITH NEO-FASCIST RIGHT IN NEW POLL' based on an IFOP poll in the Metro newspaper.

Immigration and crime are the key issues and indicate a predictable 'heightened climate of racism in France since last fall's ghetto riots' and '[t]he resurgence of that violence on the margins of the two successful nation-wide general strikes against a reactionary youth labor contract last month -- even though that much-televised disorder was mostly generated by only a few hundred ghetto youths out of millions of peaceful demonstrators -- also contributed to the increase in security hysteria and anti-immigrant sentiments this new poll' .

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AN said...

Yea and the BBC as reported a steep rise of racism in France as well.

Interstingly, Rouleau, of Lutte Ouvriere gave a talk at Conway Hall at the beginning of April and pointed out that the "UNP, the conservatives, are not a homogenous body but rather a mass of special interests and because Chirac became President in large part thanks to the votes of the left. As a result everyone knows that the next UNP presidential candidate must rely on some of the far right who last time voted for Le Pen"

This may then follow the same dynamic as Berlusconi, not only seeking accomodation with post facist right of Fini (who don't seem much more right wing than Michael Howard to me), but also actually seeking to bring the open facists into government.