Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Labour vote in melt down?

All the indicators seem to point towards a bad election for the scandal hit Labour Party on Thursday, with activists (the last remaining few) very despondent and admitting that the vote is very likely to be in free fall.

Some Labour candidates round the country have been trying to distance themselves from the national Labour government. For instance, in Cambridge the Arbury candidate is describing himself on his leaflets as "Real Labour" in an obvious bid to curry favour with those disillusioned with the arrogant and rightist government.

Although the nearby Romsey Labour Party have decided to go with an anti-recycling campaign as their big "vote winner". Get with the programme people!

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Jim Jay said...

Oh yeah - and GOOD LUCK to all the prossive candidates standing in this election!

AN said...


i have been trying to argue aainst people saying it is a meltdown, and now you are at it as well :o)

badmatthew said...

Today's SUN website headline says its been an election dominated by environment and racism - seems too optimistic to me, politics dominated by a poisonous mix of crime and racism.

Jim Jay said...

I don't think you can right off the fact that the Tory campaign has put the environment to the front in an unprecedented way... go green vote blue - amazing slogan!

The other parties then fell over each other to out do the Tories... but I suspect that the real 'feel' of the election is actually of Ministerial scandals and Blair's leadership.