Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Thought Crime will be punished.

The British government scored a major victory over the forces of terrorism today.

Fully paid up member of the Axis of Evil, Brian Haw, had been provocatively displaying photographs of dead and injured children who had been callously and deliberately placed by their parents at the sites of humane American and British bombing. Haw was especially guilty for displaying placards questioning the wisdom of the great helmsman himself, Tony Blair, within sight of the Houses of Parliament. Fortunately the police acted last night to counter this threat to democracy.

At 2:45 this morning 50 police officers turned up and started to load a container with all the placards and banners and almost all of Brian's personal possessions. Clearly an operation as dangerous as this needed large numbers of police, and had to be carried out under the cover of darkness. The belongings of haw's supporters who have been down in Parliament Square with him were also taken. It is highly likely that Weapons of Mass Destruction will be found, which will justify this necessary preemptive action by the police.

Brian has now got only one or two placards and a few personal possessions that he managed to retain. Three of Brian's supporters have been arrested - Maria, Barbara and Martin. They are being held at Charing Cross Police Station. Brian and supporters are still in the Square and there has been no attempt to move them. This police action has pre-empted a court hearing on 30 May to which Brian had been summonsed to attend relating to the conditions which the police have placed on his protest.


If you can get down to the Square now or later today, please come along. Also people are needed to go to Charing Cross Police Station to support those inside. Please also check:

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