Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"It is shameful Tommy, it is shameful"

Sadly the Scottish Socialist Party has suffered very serious damage during the Sheridan libel trial, vindicating the views of those who opposed the issue being brought to court.

Today Tommy Sheridan accused party secretary Allan Green of lying during cross exaination, and Sheridan claimed that the minutes of the executive committee meeting on 9th November 2004 were forged. These are the minutes that Allan McCombes went to gaol earlier this year to keep out of the courts.

Transcript from the BBC:

Mr Sheridan said: "I put it to you the so-called minute is as genuine as a 10 bob note, isn't it?"
"No Tommy, you know it is true," said Mr Green.
Mr Green said: "For you to turn round and accuse the likes of myself of monstrous frame-ups, for any other socialist, never mind one of your standing, it is an appalling thing to do.
"I can hardly believe you are doing this.
"You know that like yourself I have spent a lifetime - my entire adult life - to build up the socialist movement.
"I always carried out to the best of my ability what the party has asked me to do."
He added: "You can lie, accuse me of monstrous frame-ups, none of it the truth. For you to turn round and accuse me of monstrous frame-ups it is shameful Tommy, it is shameful."

Personally I have been very reluctant to draw any judgement about the whole issue, as it is a question for the Scottish comrades to resolve among themselves.

Whatever happens it does not weaken the case for a broad socialist party in Scotland, or the case for an independent, socialist Scotland. Tommy Sheridan and also those he is now accusing of a rather implausible conspiracy against him, have all spent the best parts of their lives, and I’m sure their proudest moments building the SSP.

It is tragic to see those hopes now flapping in the wind due to an egotistical and ill considered court room soap opera. The SSP still represents the best of Scotland, and the example they gave us of left unity, though never perfect, still represents the best traditions of socialist cooperation and solidarity. Whatever happens the comrades in the SSP deserve respect for what they have already accomplished, they deserve solidarity during their current difficulties, and the comrades can count on our continued friendship and support.


Anonymous said...

"the example they gave us of left unity, though never perfect, still represents the best traditions of socialist cooperation and solidarity."

Are you kidding? The SSP is a cesspit of poisonous infighting. Socialists testifying on behalf of the News of the World against their comrade and former party leader. That is the most shameful aspect. Like so many other socialist groups and parties they would rarther fight among themselves than agaisnt poverty and injustice. A bunch of jokers who deserve nothing but contempt.

Anonymous said...

As far as i am aware it was Tommy who called the SSP members to court to give evidence not the NOW. Anyway why should we expect people to lie just cos its a fellow socialist and anyway they didnt give evidence against tommy they spooke,what has yet to proved wrong, the truth. Im in scotland and there is in fighting in the SSP but the fact still remains it was one largeish group not two. This who debarcle is down to personality politics. Basically its a bit Derek Hatton. And