Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Jim Jay's new blog

Readers of the Socialist Unity Blog may be interested to learn of the new offshoot, Daily(Maybe) from Jim Jay, who is slightly infamous as the editor of the Socialist Unity Network website.

Jim’s first post is an interesting piece on an anti-corporate action in Cambridge. He raises the issue of whether defending small businesses is progressive. Rather in the spirit we hope to inject into the Socialist Unity Network website, Jim describes the campaign: “The campaign is a clear attempt to re-assert our humanity from a world of commodities and brands. That has shaped the way the campaign has organised itself. Of course, they've done all the usual things - petitions, open letters, every local shop has a poster in the window as well as many houses in the local streets - but there has also been a strong current of let's have fun.”

Jim is not the only contributor to the Socialist Unity Blog to have their own blog as well, for example secretary of Swindon Trades Council Martin Wicks who also edits the trade union activists’ magazine, Solidarity (not to be confused with the AWL’s paper, who pinched the name (I am sure unwittingly))

And I mustn’t forget to mention Mathew’s blog. Which seems to mainly comment on what he has been reading recently, and as he tends to read some very interesting and sometimes off-beat stuff, and has some perceptive things to say about what he reads, is worth checking regularly

I just hope that Jim continues to post in this collective blog as well. Daily? Maybe! :o)

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Renegade Eye said...

I'm linked to Daily already. Good start.

I don't post daily. I keep a post up until it's exhausted.