Friday, August 11, 2006

Israel Attacks US

Great piece of satire by Jerry Ghinelli:

The government of Israel today launched a massive air assault on suspected terrorist targets along coastal cities of the United States of America. Termed operation Just Reward II, hundreds of Israeli fighter jets streamed across the Atlantic in precise formation and fired surgical air strikes at alleged terrorist strongholds in the heavy Muslim populations of Jersey City and North Bergen, New Jersey. The jets then continued south into Elizabeth and Newark, inflicting massive destruction in the densely populated northeastern US state. Reaction to the attacks was swift. President Bush asked for restraint, but stated emphatically that “Israel had the right to defend itself.” The President, who took an oath to defend the US and to preserve, protect and defend it against all foreign and domestic enemies, said that the fight against suspected terrorist sites and alleged al-Qaeda involvement, coupled with our close relationship with Israel, requires special sacrifices by the American people and special exceptions to both US and international law.Earlier in the day, the US Congress passed a unanimous resolution in both houses, backing the Jewish state. Even New Jersey Senators Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez voted with the 98 other US Senators, backing Israel’s right to self-defense. Claiming there were terrorists in New Jersey who had links to al-Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as other radical Islamic groups, New York Senators Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer appeared at a UN rally just across the river from the Israeli incursion and pledged their unwavering support for Israel. “We are all Israelis now,” Senator Clinton proudly proclaimed.
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David Broder said...

The SWP have both said that Israel dictates US/UK foreign policy, and that it is America's watchdog in the Middle East.

Which do people think is true (or, do they agree with me that one doesn't have to be a puppet of the other for 2 imperialist powers to make alliances). I dislike the way in which many on the Left portray right-wingers everywhere as simple US puppets, as if the real bad bourgeoisie was that of the USA, the others having no agenda of their own!

Of course, the USA has always supported people like Pinochet, Saddam Hussein and so on - but they have their own supporters in their own country too...

AN said...

That seems a rather uncontroverisal point dave.

Both can be true can't they, that israel predominanatly acts as a client for the USA, but also has its own interests that may conflict with that relationship.

DesertPeace said...

satire today can become reality tomorrow... frightening!

Renegade Eye said...

Israel has weaponry to defeat anyone in the Middle East. It doesn't have the industrial base, for a long term war. That defines their relationship.

AN said...

That is an interesting point Renegade one.

I also wonder to what degree the relationship has prevented Israel developing a lasting peace. i think the opportunites have now gone, but perhaps in 1954 or 1972 a peace deal could have been brokered. In 1954 israel delibertaly ( clandestinely) bombed US targets in Egypt - during very promising peace negotiations, which led to the US starting to support Israel more fully.
In 1972 Kissinger blocked genuine peace moves from Egypt, and pushed saddatt into a corner, leading to the Yom Kippur war.

i think there is now no longer any prospect of a solution that does not come by force of arms.

AN said...

And Desert peace

last wednesday for Nagasaki day our local peace group was leafleting, and gettng a very good response, and towards the end a couple came up, an israeli man and his British wife - who had lived in Israel.

She said (despite being British hersoelf) that if Israel was ver threatened with military defeat she would want Israell to use nuclear strikes not only at the Srab caoitals, but also at Britain.

Is this just her, or are there others in Israel that mad?

Martin Wicks said...

No longer a solution which doesn;t come by force of arms? Any such 'solution' can only be Arabs versus Jews. The opening of the road to a solution is most likely to be as a result of the internal social and political crisis within Israel.

The recent demonstration in Tel Aviv, although small (population for population it probably would be equivalent of 50,000 in London), for the first time saw Arabs and Jews marching together against war. For the first time also through the Womens Peace movement Arabs are uniting with Russians.

Any solution requires Jews and Arabs to live together side by side, as equal citizens.

Our job is to support those movements who fight for such a solution.

AN said...

that may be the most desirable outcome martin, but i have no optimism of it ever happening.

DesertPeace said...

Unfortunately there are others with that mad opinion here in Israel.... but fortunately, they are a minority.

Martin Wicks said...

Sorry, desert peace, which is the 'mad opinion'?

AN said...

desert peace is referring to a question I asked him upstream in this thread, about a british Zionist woman we met last week, who said she thought israel should use nuclear weapons against Britain and other European cities f Israel ever faced military defeat by the Arabs.