Friday, January 26, 2007

Good reasons for renewing Trident

Defence Minister, Des Browne, gave two brilliant reasons for renewing Trident in a speech on Thursady to health profesionals at Kings College, London.

(By coincidence, while he was speaking some 30 other doctors, nurses and health professionals were protesting outside Faslane against the nuclear insanity. )

Des's arguments are pretty good:

Argument one: What if Hitler had possessed nuclear weopons during WW2??

Argument two (and thus is the really good one): Britains' possession of nuclear weapons is necessary because "war has to be ruled out of the list of options for settling disputes"

I don't know about a modern day Hitler, but imagine the Britain had a vain-glorious Prime Minister who was prepared to deceive parliament and organise a war of aggression against a sovereign nation? I would rather such a leader didn't have access to nuclear weapons. Why are we assuming that the modern day Hilter would necessarily be a foreigner, shouldn't we ensure that Britain doesn't have nuclear weopons in case we ever have a government prepared to use them?

Fortunately, following Des Browne's logic we have nothing to worry about. Britain has had nuclear weapons for 50 years, and therefore war must already have been ruled out of the list of options that his government would consider.

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