Friday, January 19, 2007

Repression against new left party in Indonesia

This news comes from the Central Preparatory Committee of The National Liberation Party of Unity (KP-PAPERNAS) Indonesia. The national founding members of the KP-PAPERNAS are the
People’s Democratic Party, the Automotive Workers Union, the Indonesian National Front for Workers Struggle, Unity of Workers Struggle, the National Student League for Democracy, Unity of Buddhist Student, the National Peasant Union, the Urban Poor Union and the Indonesian Transportation Workers Union.
Joining at a local level are: Belawan Transportation Workers Union, (Medan-North Sumatra), Movement of the Poor, Labuhan Batu (North Sumatra), Lampung Street Vendor Union (Lampung Province), Jogjakarta Student Community, Solidarity of Indonesian Students, Amasutra, Lespek Boul, Central Sulawesi Union of the Poor, Forum of Lembata Youth (South East Nusa, NTT), Peasant Community of Rotanolet, Peasant Community of Liavua, Forum of Latena Community and People’s Alliance for Decent Housing.

The Chronology of I KP PAPERNAS Congress
Kaliurang, Yogyakarta, 18 – 21 Januari 2006

Two weeks before the conference, The Preparatory Committee of The National Liberation Party of Unity (KP-PAPERNAS) submitted a proposal to the appropriate police authorities about our plan to hold the founding congress of PAPERNAS. According to existing law, we are not required to obtain a permit for holding the conference or for inviting foreign delegates. There was no complaint from either the national or local police in response to the proposal nor was the proposal rejected.
But shortly before the congress is about to open formally they try to make a problem and stop the congress from proceeding. We believe that the reason for the police’s action is political. On January 17, 2007 the National police suddenly demand that there must be a permit for this conference and they do not want to issue the permit although the local police has sent the recommendation letter to give a permit to hold the congress.
On the same day, at around 4 pm 100 people who called themselves the Indonesia Forum of Anti-Communist Group (FAKI) staged a protest in front of the venue and threatened that they would forcibly disperse the congress if we insist on running the congress as planned.
On January 18 the Police stated that they will not issue any permit due to the following reasons :
They raised an objection to our slogan " Three banners of National Unity – repudiation of foreign debt, nationalization of the mining industry and a National industrialization program. So, we conclude that the police are saying that because we are trying to present solutions to our country’s problems in the form a of a program this is crime.
Restricting international participants from attending the congress. In fact, we can not find any law that restricts international guests from participating in the congress. In fact the ruling party of Golkar regularly invites international delegates in their congress.
Local police continue to say that if we run the congress, they will not responsible for any attack on us by FAKI or any other hostile forces.
Since January 18 we continue to negotiate with the police and at the same time we keep running the congress as we defend our political right as citizen of this country. As we prepare the self defense unit both from committee and the participants the congress was delayed for housr.
On 19 january in the morning polices state that they will not give any permition due to the pressure of Anti-communist forum. And they add the information that 500 people will come to attack the meeting.
This chronology was made in the situation when the group is on the way to the venue and will reach the congress area with in an hour.
And now while this mail send to you, 300 men of FAKI have reach the congress area.
We need your solidarity. Please fax your letter to Indonesian embassy in your country
Email: kp_papernas_pusat
National police + 62-21 7938181, Regional police + 62 274 885530

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Modern Pitung said...

Comradely greetings from NY. I've linked and excerpted your post over at All Out for the Fight.

Examining the coverage from the Philippines in addition to the direct story from Papernas/PRD, I'd add that the violence being directed at internationals gives this all the hallmarks of some sort of intelligence job by the military (rather than just the police).

At any rate, cheers from across the pond.