Saturday, April 14, 2007

Badges Of Dishonour

Not since David Cameron taunted the Passion with the exquisite put-down "You used to be the future" has a picture said it all. Blair's anguished expression was such that he could have played the lead in Mel Gibson's comedy The Passion of the Christ (and in Blair's fevered imagination Brown playing Satan and Balls playing Satan's baby).

The front page of Friday's Guardian had a picture of a beaming David Miliband, the Blairite dream candidate for the contorted efforts by the Passion's most devoted Apostles to bounce someone - anyone - into a leadership contest against Father Brown. Underneath the said beaming Blairite was the question, if I remember correctly, Who's Your Favourite Miliband?

A couple of years ago, at the Labour Party Conference, joyless Blairite and Brownite automata produced badges with picures of David (Dave) and Edward (Ed) Miliband, with a caption that read: Who's Your Favourite Miliband? Badges Of Dishonour, if you will. And therin lies my roundabout way in getting to the picture and the thousand words.

When the party of (apparently) the labour movement looks to the gormless figures of Dave and Ed rather than Marxist Ralph (originally, er, Adolf), then, to borrow the title of a silly book recently published, What's Left?

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