Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hope not Hate

It seems that the BNP are running a record number of candidates in the May elections, with full slates in several local authority areas. The key battle ground will be West Yorkshire, where the BNP will stand in every ward across five councils, and the West Midlands, where the BNP are making a big push in Dudley, Stoke and Sandwell.

The BNP are also standing slates for the Scottish and Welsh regional parliaments, but their weakness in these countries is exposed by the fact they have had to run English candidates to make up the lists, including Staffordshire based West Midlands organiser, Simon Darby, who is standing in Wales. The party even put out an appeal for English people with Scottish sounding names to put themselves forward!

Searchlight’s campaign has got off to a swinging start with an 8 page pull out in the daily Mirror, and a “Hope not Hate” battlebus, touring the country. To find out more about the campaign against the BNP visit http://www.hopenothate.org.uk/

Searchlight continues to provide invaluable intelligence led information against the fascists. For example this month’s issue exposes how Councillor Chris Beverley, the BNP’s only councillor in Leeds and Yorkshire organiser, just attended a fascist conference in Germany, and Sandwell councillor, Ricky Lloyd, has had his pub closed down after refusing to cooperate with the police over shooting incidents and a machete attack in his pub.

As a way of boosting the campaign, and sending a clear message against the facists, why not but a Hope not Hate T-shirt? Available from www.philosophyfootball.com

HOPE NOT HATE 2007 - Brighten up neighbourhoods blighted by the BNP with this beacon of unity. And on the sleeve proudly wear your principles of 'Hope not Hate'.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget don't give your name and address to anyone connected with 'Searchlight' if you don't want to go on Gerry's 'friends' lists.

Korakious said...

In Scotland, the decision of the BNP to stand for the regional list of Holyrood has a lot to do with the weakening of the left by the split in the Scottish Socialist Party.

While I don't think they present a serious threat, it is necessary that we make a strong stand against them and show them that they are not welcome.

AN said...

anonymous - yawn!

Why do people insist in such ill-informed sectarian nonsense.

J.B said...

I think it's probably important to engage with the politics of searchlight - while retaining support for united action against fascism obviously.