Friday, June 02, 2006

Barely Barley

According to the Independent Ken Loach's new, award winning film is being viciously suppressed by the imperialist dogs that run the UK's cinemas. According tot he article

"The film's UK distributors, Pathé, have received barely 30 orders for prints of the film, which is soon to be released. As things stand, it will therefore be shown in just 30 cinemas across the country.

"Loach attributes this astonishingly paltry figure to the British cinema industry's reservations about his film's tricky subject matter, and media criticism of its (allegedly) pro-IRA leanings."

Compare this to the 300 cinemas the film will be shown in in France. Although I'm told France is not a socialist utopia.

This is not the first film of Loach's this has happened to. Land and Freedom got a very limitted release despite playing to packed audiences, I know Colchester Odeon sold out of tickets well before the single showing one night only that they deemed appropriate.

Loach is reported to have described some right wing critics as "creeping out from under their stones, slagging off a film they've not even seen". What honest stone would harbour such vermin though?

If you get the chance to see the film I'm sure it will be a corker - perhaps we should lend it a hand - ask your local cinema today if they will be showing the award winning film - and if not, why not? In fact, I'm off to do that now.


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The Sentinel said...

Once again you play underhanded games. Obscuring the truth and propagating lies, everywhere you slither.

You are nothing more then an excuse for a man with no concept of right or wrong.

Your repugnant beliefs are responsible for this shit hole we call the UK today.

You despise this country and its inhabitants and are nothing more then a traitor who does not have enough courage to live in the countries whose peoples you wish to import here wholesale or whose systems you advocate for our own.

History is a self repetitive entity however, and your day will soon end.

And the traditional punishment for treason will come back again.