Wednesday, June 14, 2006

No One Is Illegal

New Minister Liam Byrne has provoked media speculation that there is to be an amnesty for 'illegal immigrants' in this country (as they have in Spain and suggested in the US) [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] by refusing to rule it out and announcing his department was preparing a report weighing the "pro's and con's" of an amnesty.

Jack Dromey said that "The time has come for the government to be brave, distinguishing between deporting the few who commit serious crimes and allowing the many undocumented migrant workers to remain. They are good men and women, essential to our economy and pillars of their local churches and communities."

An amnesty for all 'illegals' is long overdue - the misery, grief and injustice that this government and its predesors have caused through its detention and removals policy is the real criminal in this story. If the government does take this step then it will be fantastic news, but will the tabloids let them?

As it happens we are rasiing money for No One Is Illegal through our sweepstake
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Update: 120 detainees are on hunger strike in Campsfield detention centre


stroppybird said...

WTF has being 'pillars of their local churches' got to do with whether someone can stay here. Its possible to contribute to society and be an athesist.

Jim Jay said...

It's also right to argue that we abolish the racist immigration system regardless of whether someone is "essential" to the "community"

When we start dividing ourselves into the deserving and undeserving we've got problems.

stroppybird said...


sappho said...

Great post! Amnesty for illegals is long overdue. Ever since this immigration debate has started (here in the states), the amount of racism I have witnessed is growing rampant. Never before have I experienced such hate against latin american immigrants as I do now.
Here in California, immigrants have been an intregal part of this community for years & years--& now all of a sudden Bush Inc, and the new immergence of racist groups such as the Minutemen, have taken center stage.
It has even driven a wedge inbetween me & my family, as I have always stood for immigrant rights (more so now than ever), & have a latin girlfriend. My father thinks "they" are taking away his jobs (construction owner). My sister feels that my solidarity with the immigrants is outrageous.
All of this has sparked something in me, a real desire to connect and help the immigrant rights struggle as much as I possibly can. I am even thinking about finding a publisher so that I can write a book about my experiences as a non-immigrant who alligns herself with immigrants & the problems it has caused between family members.
I will continue to stand up for what I belive is right, regardless of whether or not I have a family when all is said & done. But to be honest, I am quite content with all my new brothers & sisters!
I hope all works out with this goverment in your post!

Jim Jay said...

Hey Sappho, thanks for this, really interesting.

Immigration is one of those subjects where people have a real blind spot - you can meet someone who is very 'right on' over loads of issues and then, to your horror, discover they a terrible on immigration.

I helped my neighbour (old disabled man) take out his bins a couple of days ago and after he thanked me he leaned very close and said "mind you I think we should get rid of these illegal immigrants"

Now considering this was almost the first time I'd spoken to him it stunned me. I almost took him bins back in (not really)

sappho said...

Jim Jay:
You are quite right that the immigration issue brings out things in people that you didnt know existed in them. I am seeing this now almost daily.
I am disgusted to find that people are more concerned with money and business, than the human aspect of immigration.