Monday, June 19, 2006

The North Koreans are coming!

Those North Koreans are always invading people aren't they? That's why we need peace loving nations like the Americans to bomb them into the stone age for their own good.

Today's urgent story is that the Korean's "Taepodong II missile, thought to be capable of reaching the West coast of the US, is ready for launch" - cripes!

U.S. Ambassador to Japan, Thomas Schieffer, said today that North Korea is continuing to fuel a long-range ballistic missile and that the country could launch it "at almost anytime." Maybe within 45 minutes even?

Japan's PM Junichiro Koizumi warned of severe measures in response should North Korea decide to commit suicide by launching an attack. Will these dastardly foreigners never stop their evil machinations? Who will save us from this imminent threat?

Important Update: Condoleeza Rice has described the Korean government's actions (although the fact that they haven't actually done anything yet is just the sort of trick these orientals get upto) as "sabre rattling". I kid you not.

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Jim Jay said...

CND press release


The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament today condemned hints by the US Department of Defence that the US may use its missile defence system to shoot down a predicted North Korean missile test, and urged renewed diplomatic initiatives. According to US satellite photos, North Korea has been preparing a test of a long-range missile capable of hitting the US, and has gone as far as fuelling the rocket for the upcoming launch. But the US itself test-fired a Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile last Wednesday, 14 June, which travelled nearly 4800 miles from Vandenberg Air Force Base to the Kwajelin Missile Range in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Kate Hudson, Chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, said, “It would be a serious, provocative mistake for the US to heighten tensions with North Korea by attempting to use its missile defence system to shoot down a North Korean missile test. Such an act will likely increase the efforts of other countries to develop weapons capable of getting past the system and will contribute to an escalating arms race. This is the latest example of US double standards on weapons development. If the US really wants to stop other countries from developing dangerous weapons, it must first stop testing and developing such weapons itself. Renewed talks and diplomatic initiatives should be undertaken instead.”