Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Guardian's Big Blogger

For those of you with lives you may have noticed Big Brother, with its attempt to permanently damage those with mental health problems - suicide threats, recently sectioned contestants and now an ex-contestant on hunger strike, please please please let this spell the end of Big Brother.

Well there is now the upmarket version - the Guardian's Big Blogger on the
Comment is Free section of the site. The idea is simple - they've picked five 'ordinary folk', well as ordinary as you can find hanging out at the Guardian's interactive forum, and promoted them to internet columnists, and we, the readers, are to decide who is the best and worst and the winner gets the opportunity to go on the Guardian payroll. Simple.

Well, the contestants have begun to post and on Thursday afternoon we can vote (click the link to find out how when voting opens) just so you don't have to bother sorting the wheat from the chaff I've done it for you - although I have an ulterior motive in that I'm determined that one of the contestants does not win the competition, for reasons that will become clear.

So the bloggers, and their first blog entries are...

Francis Sedgemore makes a so so start on the environment, but there is so much of Lovelock and Gaia thesis (coupled with its unremmitting pessimism) I've not taken to him. Must get out of hippy mode and get a bit more energy.

Christina Morgan writes with a very witty and light touch about Rugby - although, alas, I can find no particular left reason for her to stay she certainly has done nothing to deserve to be ditched as yet.

Ciaran Jenkins writes an empassioned post on English football, entitled winningly "Why I hate Enlgand" and has got to be the left's clear winner. Revolutionary defeatism in the Guardian - wooop!!!!

Frank Fisher is an idiot. He must be purged. Immediately. His first post attacking Amnesty International and in support of David bloody Irving means a suicide bomber would be morally justified in... no hold on, that sort of talk gets you in trouble. Just vote him out.

[The fifth doesn't seem to have posted yet - when he / she does I'll edit this post to give you the run down. No longer applicable]

Ali McNab has been given his space today. Definately should not go before Fisher. A discussion on unemployment and being given a real voice, not earth shattering but intelligent and attempting to create an expression to his feelings on being part of the 'underclass'

The left must mobilise its vast forces to ensure Frank Fisher loses the competition miserably. Unfortunately the forces of the Daily Mail are rallying behind him - he must not be allowed to take one more step towards the hallowed, cough, pages of the Guardian.

Tomorrow afternoon go to Comment is Free and use your vote wisely - the class struggle takes place in every sphere of our lives, and this is a fight we can win!


Ed said...

I think Francis Sedgemore is a Harry's Place regular, by the way. True, the right wing Fisher should go first - but I'm not voting for a decent, either. Too many of them on the Guardian/Observer already.

AN said...

I cannot help noticing that the reason Jenkins gives for hating England is that he is Welsh. So I don't think that really counts as revolutionary defeatism!
But most of his post is about the nutty obssession with Britishness promoted by Gordon Brown, but actually apparently a wheeze from Brown's mate Michael Wills MP, who I stood against in the General Election last year.
The fallacy behind a day to celebrate Britishness has been exposed by the fact that a poll by the BBC resulted in the anniversery of the signing of the Magna Carta being chosen. An event with almost no relevance to Scotland, thus proving that most radio 4 listeners cannot tell the difference between Britain and England. I would have thought the anniversary of the battle of Culloden would be more appropriate.

Phugebrins said...


You don't have permission to access /index.html on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

- Looks like comment is 403, forbiddance is freedom, and ignorance is bliss.

Jim Jay said...

Vote here

You vote for the one you want evicted ie ****Frank Fisher****

Thanks for the tip ed - if sanity is successful Sedgemore's next!

Jim Jay said...


Probably solely due to the Socialist Unity Blog the Frank Fisher creature has been evicted from Big Blogger, and Ali NcNab who posted on behalf of the underclass sailed home easily.

Francis Sedgemore... you're next.

Francis Sedgemore said...

I think Francis Sedgemore is a Harry's Place regular, by the way.

A Harry's Place irregular, more like it, but the worst crime of all is that I'm a Euston Manifesto signatory.

Francis Sedgemore... you're next.

Oh, yes please - let me out of that place!

AN said...

Hi Francis, and congratulations on being (i think) the first person to mention the Euseless manifesto on this Blog.

Jim Jay said...


we've got a celebrity posting on our blog! I might not even vote for you now...

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