Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Another Searchlight exclusive

While I’m praising the latest issue of Searchlight, it is worth mentioning the lead article by Nick Lowles of how Tony (Bomber) Lecomber has been sacked as national development officer for the BNP, after a meeting between him and notorious Liverpool gangster Joe Owens, in which Lecomber suggested that if Griffin was convicted of race hate, then the BNP should respond by murdering a cabinet minister.

If you did want such a top politician topped, then Joe Owens would be a likely man to discuss it with, as according to searchlight he has “helped” the police with murder enquiries in the past, and if it wasn’t for the strange tendency of prosecution witnesses to disappear, Owens might well be a guest of Her Majesty. As it was Owens thought it was a set up, and called for Lecomber’s head.

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