Wednesday, March 22, 2006

B'stard joins New Labour

It is brilliant to see that Alan B'stard has joined New Labour. The fictional king of Tory sleaze will now be selling peerages, and voting for compulsory ID cards even though Labour’s manifesto said they would be voluntary.

Explaining the defection to Labour, Mr Mayall (The actor playing B'stard) said: "They are young, they are sexy and they are much more right-wing than the Conservative Party."

According to the BBC: "The writers say they originally thought they would be writing a comedy about B'Stard shamelessly changing his spots to shift from Tory to Labour. But now they say they realise the MP fits seamlessly into the current Labour Party. "

It comes to something when appalling slime bucket Jack Dromey (husband of Harriet Harman, and useless right wing union official) is the whistle blower against Blair's financial corruption. And Witchfinder General, Peter Kilfoyle, the hammer of the Militant, complains about the Blairites being a party within a party.

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adam sheehan said...

we all know now who is really behind the new labour project.