Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Urgent call to rape survivors

I have received this letter from Women Against Rape, please pass it on widely.

Urgent call to rape survivors who've testified in court since the year 2000
Dear sisters,

We are assessing how legal changes introduced under the Youth Justice & Criminal Evidence Act and the Sexual Offences Act are being implemented in court. If you have experience of testifying in a rape trial in the recent few years, please get in touch.

In particular, if you testified in court since 2000 were you asked any questions about your previous sexual history, or your mental health? What did the judge do about it, if anything? Or since 2003 has "consent" been an issue in court for you ?

Also, do you know anyone who is going through reporting rape, or taking it to court at present who’d like to be in touch with us?

Please call or email us with your experience right away on 020 7482 2496 war@womenagainstrape.net

Best wishes,

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