Saturday, March 04, 2006

Blog news; into RSS-o-sphere

Lots of tweeking still to do (all suggestions welcomed) but here comes number one and is a launch into new, unfamiliar territory. The Socialist Unity Blog will now available on RSS - the sytem that all the hip kids now use to get their news.

If you've already got RSS set up just click this link to add us

You can also use this link to get your rss started


Anonymous said...

I've been getting your blog via RSS for months!

Jim Jay said...

oh you're so sweet

But have you been getting the main site rss feed though?

Seeing as I've only just set it up and there is probably hundreds of errors in it - possibly not, but the feed is here

or from the button on the front page at Socialist Unity

Happy rss'ing

Dave Riley said...

And about time too! The site could have been read in Atom anyway but thats' not always so straighforward or so much fun. If you go to Feedburner's Buzzbots you can create some HTML script which I reckon can be marqueed on the SUN web page or at least given a column of its own --so the blog is upfront where it should be and the two sites are integrated.

You can also sign up with Blogrolling

To handle easy linkage, networking and updating.

Neil Williams said...

Good luck and best wishes for the Socialist Unity Blog. I wont feel so alone anymore. I have placed a link in the side bar under "Best Blog" of the Respect Blog.

I will also do a posting about your blog in the next day or two.

Neil Williams
Respect Blog at:

Reuben said...

thanks comrade much apppreciated.