Monday, March 06, 2006

homosexuals to be sent back from Holland to Iran

Rita Verdonk, the dutch foreign minister has said that she will send gay Iranians back to their country of origin. This stupid woman has accepted that in Iran soddomy can carry the death penalty, has even stated that in Iran 'its important not to be too open about your seuxal orientation' but insist that the deportation of gays is Justified because 'it is not completely impossible to function as a homosexual in Iran'. What revolting criteria to use!For nearly a decade it was 'not completely impossible' for jews to function inside Nazi Germany. This does not however mean that the refusal of countries around the world the world to take in refugees was not a grave injustice. Personally i think that this fuckwit should be put in a hole in the ground and told that it is 'not completely impossible' for her to function as long she never feels like leaving.


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AN said...

Iran wouldn't be a great place to be Jewish either. I see that the government is organising a Holocaust Denial conference for sometime soon, and president Ahmadinejad has described the Nazi death camps as a "fairytale"