Friday, March 10, 2006

Come on you Blue Eyes!

In yesterday’s Independent there was an interesting (to me anyway) article about the favourite books of football managers.

The survey conducted by the National Football Museum in Preston uneathered the improbable gem that well liked Birmingham City manager, Steve Bruce's favourite book is “Frank Sinatra, When ole' Blue Eyes was a Red” by Martin Smith. Printed by Redwords, the cultural books imprint of the SWP, available from Bookmarks at £5.99. (It hope it is not uncomradely to point out that you can buy it for only £4.79 from Amazon)

For those of you wondering, Jose Mourinho’s favourite book is the bible, perhaps he thinks it is about him?


Darren said...

Steve Bunce?

Surely you mean Steve Bruce? ;-)

AN said...

Yes, thanks. I am a very poor typist, and have a mental block to names, it was a small miricla I didn't call him Frank Sinister.

I will edit the original, which unfortunatklay will mean any later readrs won't know what you are on about. :o)