Friday, March 16, 2007

Axis of Bozos: Blair & Wardle

A curious thing happened on Newsnight a couple of nights ago (no, don't be silly, Gavin Esler did not ask an intelligent question). Robert Wardle, Director of the Serious Fraud Office, claimed that he personally put an end to the investigation concerning alleged Saudi-BAe corruption.

On 16 January, however, Tony “the Passion” Blair claimed that he personally stopped the investigation because it was harming the national security of UK PLC. (You’d think that after Iraq that the bozos in power could get their stories right!)

“I can absolutely assure you that there is no doubt whatever in my mind - and I think in those of any of the people who have looked at this issue - that, having proceeded with this, the result would have been devastating for our relationship with an important country with whom we cooperate closely on terrorism [by making it worse], on security [ensuring that there's less of it], on the Middle East peace process [making very sure that international law is jettisoned],” the Passion said, ignoring the fact that basing his case on this was is illegal.

The Passion went on to claim that proceeding with the investigation would have “significantly, materially damaged our relationship with Saudi Arabia”, which is, as I say, a legal irrelevance, according to the OECD, the organisation charged with combating corruption.

“That relationship is of vital importance for us fighting terrorism,” the Passion continued, ignoring the glaring fact that most of the Salafist and Wahhabist fruitcakes in Iraq are from Saudi Arabia and that elements within the Saudi ruling elite finance a great deal of Islamic chauvinist terrorism.

It was another fine day for the so-called “War on Terror”- that is, the one the terror experts believe the chauvinists are “winning hands down”, as Michael Scheuer, former head of the CIA’s bin Laden unit, put it. By supporting the feudal Saudi Mafia, ensuring the democrats and progressives are closed out, the only people in a position to take advantage are the extremists.

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