Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Carnival of Socialism

The Socialist Unity Blog is hosting the next Carnival of Socialism.

The idea behind the Carnival of Socialism is to highlight, encourage and promote the best in left blogging. Each Carnival is hosted by a different blog, and other bloggers are invited to submit links to postings on the chosen topic

As such it should, in my opinion, reflect the full diversity of views on the left. I had been rather critical of the last couple of Carnivals because I felt the bloggers who hosted them focussed the carnival too much towards their own point of view.

As always it is a mistake to criticise, because quite justifiably the comrades have said to us at SU blog, if you think it could be done better, then you do the next one. So we have set ourselves up! Hopefully it won't be a case of Pride before a Fall!

Anyway, we are inviting submissions before a deadline of Saturday 8th April, and hope to publish on Monday 10th April. But the earlier you send a submission the better.

The topic we have chosen is “Learning from the past”. This can include topics of how the left can learn from the experience of previous historical periods, either recently or a long time ago, or the history of various left groups, or how ideas have evolved. It can also include topics about how we as individual socialists have learned from our own personal experience.

Please submit items for consideration to

When writing to me, please put the word “Carnival” in the subject line.

Also in your e-mail please don’t mention Viagra, penis enlargement, offers to get money out of Nigeria, or improbable sexual favours, as these mails get blocked by my spam filter.

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