Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"Brown Is No Stalinist," Says Stalin

Lord Turnbull was issued with a writ today for defamation of character. Joseph Stalin’s lawyers said that their client was incensed with comparisons with Brown. “Brown is no Stalinist,” said the 127 year-old Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili. Mr Stalin went on to say “I saved the world from Nazism. What has Brown achieved? PFI! What I say matters in the world. When Brown speaks about ‘neoclassical endogenous growth theory’, people laugh! Is that a sign of a leader? Brown is weak. I am strong. Brown fiddles and is indecisive when it comes to leadership. I strike with an icepick. Did you hear that, Turnbull? An ICEPICK.” A writ was also served to Mr Clark Kent. “I am the ‘man of steel’,” said Uncle Joe. “The man in tights is an impostor,” he fumed.


Louisefeminista said...

The pic is good as old Joe is pointing at someone probably saying: "Ere comrade, bit closer, and another thing I am better looking and much more charming than that bleedin' tosser Brown. The birds...opps... I mean female comrades adore me. Ok, I'll accept he may be a taller but that geezer aint no oil painting. These bloody upstarts. Who's the daddy"!

AN said...

We will get complaints!

Ahh all this nostalgia for Koba.