Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Repression in Indonesia

I have been sent the following by Katarina Pujiastuti, Head international Relation for the Indonesian party, PAPERNAS

The list of repression – a dark face of Indonesian democracy
The tension fill the air, where hundreds people who called them self as Anti-communist Forum surrounded the venue of Regional conference on March 3, 2007 in East Java . They did not only carry sharp knifes but also burnt PAPERNAS’ flag and banners along the road of the venue.

Although they forced to stop, the conference but the participants determined to continue the conference. They In the afternoon they breaking the window glass and tried to burst into the venue, but this situation was able to be anticipated by the Papernas’ security team. “We have followed the formal procedure, it is our democratic rights to have the congress, and this rights is worth to fighting for” said Fajar, the elected chairperson of Each Java Branch.

Papernas Has went through various repression, ironically this repression were happening in front of the chief of regional police and their troops. Police did not take any action to arrest the group who clearly violate the law.

On 17 September 2006 in East Java , a group of People who called themselves as Tauhid anti-communist movement” (GERTAK) armed with sharp weapon tried to halt the Declaration of The Preparatory committee of The National Liberation Party of Unity. Yet, it was able to be anticipated by the Participants.

On 18-21 January hundreds of People who called themselves as FAKI (Indonesian Anti-Communist Front (FAKI) carry sharp knives aim to stop Papernas Congress

On March 3 2007, Police refused to release permit to Regional conference of PAPERNAS Jogjakarta. Po lice assumed there will any threat in responding this conference, so the police do not want to bother with this security matters.

The repressions reveal the undemocratic and repressive character of the State and its apparatus. All this repression tells us that in the country People’s Democracy do not available for the people, it is need to be fighting for. People need to take the rights back.

The National Liberation Party of Unity (PAPERNAS) is a party that unifies democratic organization to bring three program to free from foreign domination: Nationalization mining industry, the repudiation of Foreign debt and National Industrialization Program.

PAPERNAS ask National police to arrest FAKI Leader.

Jakarta – around 30 members of Central Leadership committee of The National Liberation Party of Unity came to Police headquarter and urged general Sutanto to arrest FAKI leader.

However, Sutanto refused to meet PAPERNAS committees and put this burden to his Public relation, Bambang K. He did not show any indication to do immediate action to investigate this case. He even ask Papernas to submit the a complete written report about repression to the regional police, who was also there and did nothing during the conference.

Dominggus Oktavianus , chair of Politics and Democracy of Papernas stated that As the state Apparatus, Police must use their authority to arrest them, they has been proven to do criminal action. He also asked That national police chief General Sutanto to dismiss Batu City municipal police chief AKBP Bambang Priyo Handoko from his post for failing to provide protection and security to a event that was legitimate under the law, meaning that the municipal police have violated Law Number 2/2002 on the Indonesian National Police Force.

Dominggus Emphasized police institution must upholding the law and guarantee and protect citizen’s democratic rights. “We will instigate legal proceedings against FAKI and responsible authority “

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