Monday, March 05, 2007


I have just received an urgent appeal from Katarina Pujiastuti, International Relations Officer for the National Liberation Party of Unity, PAPERNAS, in Indonesia. Note that you can send a soldarity message of protest to the police by SMS from your mobile.

A regional conference of PAPERNAS in East Java is right now under attack from 100 right-wing militia claiming to belong to the Front Anti KomunisIndonesia (FAKI). The militia have forced their way into the conference venue and fighting is now taking place with the conference participants.

PAPERNAS presidential election candidate for Dita Indah Sari is at thevenue under seige now and has appealed for urgent international solidarity. FAKI is the same militia group that attacked the founding conference ofPAPERNAS in early January.PAPERNAS comrades are asking for urgent messages of protest to be faxed to the Chief of Police, General Sutanto.1. Fax your protest to East Java Police Headquarters at +622172181412.

You can also call up or send text messages to Chief Police General Sutanto at +62818315703
Urge the Indonesian police to act immediately to stop the mob attack against PAPERNAS meeting.

For further information, or sending solidarity message to comrades inPAPERNAS, please contact or +62 21 8305819 or+62 815 843 68608 (Katarina Pujiastuti, International Department,KP-PAPERNAS) or +6281771122 (Dita Sari)

Please pass this urgent request to any contacts you have who may helpand post to any appropriate lists you are on. Please send copies of messages of protest and solidarity messages to:

P.S. You can read background on PAPERNAS and the previous attacks on their right to organise here:

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