Friday, March 16, 2007

Back to the IST

A little while ago I posted a piece on where the the SWP’s international current the IST is going. Since then the discussion has continued to run and run and run, with debates between supporters of the SW’s sister organisations in Australia, New Zealand and Canada debating the situation of the left in their countries with socialists from other political traditions.

It is worth having another look at the comments, which continue to grow - for those interested in the politics of the SWP, the state of the left in these other countries, or the general issues of left regroupment.


Liam Mac Uaid said...

I came across this from the DSP journal Links while looking for something else.

It's a piece by Phil Hearse on the Socialist Party and the CWI. The similarities of approach to the IST are striking.

I know Phil has been around the block a couple of times but it's well worth reading.

AN said...

It is a good article by Hearse.

Incidently his biographical note about Cliff (fotnote 1) is incorrect. Cliff was born in palestine, it was MIcahel Kidron and Chanie Rosenberg who came from South Africa, and Chanie did breisfly live in palestine.