Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New Independent Left Alliance leak


I wish to apologise for publishing what I believed to be a press release from the Independent Irish left, whereas it was in fact a draft document in circulation that had not been agreed by all the parties involved.

This document had been sent to me in good faith by an Irish trade unionist who also believed it was a press release. I understand that he has made his identity known to the Independent Irish Left, however in the journalistic tradition of protecting my sources I cannot comment further on that aspect of this issue.

I understand that the statement I published included details of some individuals who may not yet have formally agreed to sign up to the Independent Irish left, and therefore the premature publication may cause some embarassment and even comromise the project. That was certainly never my intenion, which had been quite the opposite to publicise what I regard as good practice on the left of working together.

Regretably, my action in taking the statement down may be too late, because it has now been reproduced on Indymedia Ireland. However I hope that not too much mischief will be made.

Finally thank you to the Irish comrades who promptly brought the error to my attention, and I am pleased that they have started from the correct assumption that I was acting in good faith.

I wish the Independent Left Alliance, and all socialists in Ireland the greatest success.


AN said...

I don't know if I am missing something, but I notice that thr Independent left allaince has a demand of:

"Yes to solidarity with the occupied people of Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. "

But no mention of solidarity with the occupied people of the six counties!

Action-without-theory said...

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Mark P said...

Where is this statement taken from? I can't see anything on indymedia.ie, politics.ie or the Peaple Before Profit Alliance site.

First impressions are that it's interesting. The names listed are from the Campaign for an Independent Left, the SWP and the last remaining leftist outpost of the Labour Party. The "WP" reference presumably means that the Workers Party are involved too. The obvious ommission at this point is the Socialist Party, although interestingly the Irish Socialist Network candidate doesn't appear either.

Anonymous said...


this isn't a press release. Its a draft document currently in circulation among the interested parties and is under discussion and has not been agreed. It has been leaked either inadvertently or maliciously and should be removed.

irish socialist

Anonymous said...

Andy, maybe you're not aware of how messed up things are in the thinking of the SWP here in Ireland, but they wouldn't make statements calling the six counties occupied.

They set up People Before Profits as a front to provide a left alternative to Sinn Féin in the 26 counties, and their activities have been anti-republican for some years now (most recently damaging the Rossport campaign by spreading tales of "Provo" dominance and trying to cause a split).

Anyone would think they get their orders from London...

AN said...

Hi Irish socialists

I have published this because I believe it is in the public domain.

I am prepared to remove it if a confidential private document has inadvertantly reached me, but I am not prepared to do so only on the basis of a pseudnoymous comment on this blog - after all your comment could be mischief making from a troll.

Please e-mail me privately at swindon_socialists@yahoo.co.uk,and I will consider your request to remove it.

Theft is good said...

Off topic, but I think you might like this:


Brendan Young said...

That's grand Andy. Thanks. Keep in touch.

Brendan. CIL

AN said...


Please do send me the press release when it really is Ok to print it!!!

AN said...

I am pleased to report that this has now been taken down from Indymedia Ireland as well.