Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Who Gave Woody A Woody?

“But once…one time, many years ago…I was living with this fabulous, interesting woman…I’m ashamed to say this, but [she] was the great love of my life. It was a very passionate relationship. I loved her very intensely. And, you know, we just made love everywhere. She was sexually carnivorous. We did it in stalled elevators…and in bushes and people’s houses, at parties in the bathroom. In the back of cars she’d put a coat on our laps…and grab my hand and stick it between her legs. She was really something. And she, you know, she was highly libidinous. You know? She wanted to make love with other women. She got into dope for a while. She’d break that thing…that you sniff when she’d have her orgasm. I was getting a real education. I was fascinated. I was absolutely nuts about her. And ultimately she wound up in an institution. I mean, it’s not funny, it was a very sad thing. She was great but nuts.”

Woody Allen's character "Gabe Roth" on one "Harriet Harman". Husbands and Wives, 1992. Perhaps this is the reason that Harriet's husband, Jack Dromey, couldn't keep on top of, as it were, New Labour's finances. The man was exhausted!

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