Friday, May 04, 2007

BNP stumbles

With just a few key councils still to declare we can happily say that the BNP has not made its promised breakthrough in the 2007 local elections. Despite standing over 750 district and borough candidates (and boasts of winning up to 60 seats) the current net gain is ZERO.

The BNP has so far won eight council wards but then they have also lost eight council wards.

BNP gains have taken place in Stoke-on-Trent (3), North West Leicestershire (2), Charnwood (1), Bradford (1) and Burnley (1).

However the BNP lost seats in Burnley (3), Bradford (1), Calderdale (1), Stoke-on-Trent (1), South Holland (1) and Broxbourne (1).

Particularly pleasing were the great results in Sandwell, Bradford, Kirklees, Epping, Dudley and Burnley. Even in Stoke-on-Trent, where the BNP won three, they lost in both of the key wards where a strong campaign was fought.

Searchlight’s campaign website has the full BNP results and they will shortly be producing a more detailed summary of the election results and campaign reports from around the country.


Anonymous said...

On a serious note the BNP did extremely well in North Wales and polled highly in Wrexham. (Incidentally John Marek, leader of Forward Wales lost his seat)

In North Wales they came close to gaining a seat in the Welsh Assembly, if this had happened it would have been a catastrophe.

Adam J

hafod said...

Agreed Adam. They got 9% on the regional list in Wxm constituency (following on from 5% in the Westminster elections in 2005). They still don't have an active branch here but it's something anti-fascists locally are already preparing for.
Marek lost because he lost his way.

Anonymous said...

Ron Davies made a good showing in Caerphilly. Didn't think much of him when he was Welsh Secretary, but came across as a decent guy on the TV this election. Is FW still going?

I'm involved with anti-racist stuff in South Wales. It is possible that we might be able to send people down to help leafleting in the future, as the Nazis are bound to try and build for the council elections. Drop me a line at

Best, Adam

AN said...


you might be interested in this interview I did with Ron a while back:

Anonymous said...

"Marek lost because he lost his way."

In what sense? Please elaborate . . .