Sunday, May 13, 2007

Protest strike wave spreads across Pakistan

The following report of a growing general strike is coming in from comrades in Pakistan. This follows the massacre if at least 34 pro-democracy protestors by armed thugs of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (Urdu speaking Islamist extremists), see reports below.

"Following a general strike call given by Awami Tahreek's (Peoples Movement) Central Leaders a complete shut down general strike is being observed in all major cities and small towns of Sindh ( Province Pakistan). The strike call was given by Awami Tahreek after the brutal murder of its central leader Nawaz Kanrani by MQM terrorists near Karachi Airport yesterday.

"According to KTN, Sindh TV and Aaj Tv reports general strike, sit-ins and protest rallies are carried out in different major cities and thousands of party workers of Awami Tahreek and its women and students wings (Sindhiani Tahreek and Sindhi Shagird Tahreek SST) and common citizens of Sindh have come on roads in different cities and towns of Sindh.

"According to TV reports complete shutter-down strike is being observed and rallies, marches and sit-ins have been arranged in cities and towns across Sindh.

"Thousands of Worker of Awami Tahreek and Sindhiani Tahreek with their RED & BLACK Flags marching in Hyderabad, Jacobabad, Larkana, Badin, Thatta and Dadu. More than 340 workers have been arrested in different parts of Sindh. According to KTN reports the City Police has just arrested 32 activists of SST (student wing) and Awami ahreek near Gul Centre Hyderabad.

"While addressing the rallies and marches the speakers said that the government was blatantly violating the fundamental rights and constitutional provisions and MQM (Ruling Party Mutahida Qomi Movement) has broken all its past records of brutality. They said under the directions of General Musharaf they are working for Emergency and Martial Law and deliberately the local police in front of armed terrorists was given only lathees. They said we salute the courage and firmness of Justice Iftikahr. They said Sindh and Federal Governments are responsible for this massacre of innocent Sindhis. Pakhtoons, Balochs and Punjabis and Supreme Court should take notice of this savage brutality as this entire episode has been planned by Mr. Musharaf, MQM and ML Q.

"According to sources, followed by the shameless attack on Aaj TV, MQM and Agencies once again have issued directions to Karachi based TV channels and Urdu media to not to cover General Strike News and Awami Tahreek Protest Day activities."

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