Tuesday, May 15, 2007

GMB & UNISON act together on leadership

Representatives of the political committees of UNISON and the GMB met in London today to consider the leadership and deputy leadership of the Labour Party.

Following the meeting Dave Prentis, General Secretary of UNISON, and Paul Kenny, General Secretary of the GMB, issued the following joint statement:

“The two unions, who between us represent almost 35% of the trade union vote in the electoral college, have agreed to co-ordinate the activities of both our unions around the election.

Both unions will also make nominations/ recommendations to our Labour Party affiliated members who will have a vote in this election.

Both unions will now draw up a list of issues that we will use to assess candidates covering privatisation, equal pay, employment rights, the NHS, public service workers pay and pensions.

Both unions will push for a new direction to enable the Labour Party to reconnect with the electorate to ensure that it can win a fourth successive general election victory.”


Louisefeminista said...

So, who are they recommending, I wonder? Be interesting to know how Prentis reacted at the news that Unison - Scotland has come out in support of McD.

AN said...

I think who they end up supporting is almost a secondary question to the fact that they say they are approching the issue through a shopping list of demands: "privatisation, equal pay, employment rights, the NHS, public service workers pay and pensions"

If they are serious about taking those issues into consideration, then Brown will have to serioulsy consider whether he needs their support or not. Can he afford to start his new premiership by snubbing the country's biggest unions.

And if he doesn't give satisfactory answers, then what will they do. I still cannot believe that Prentice would support McDonnell.

Payul Kenny, I don't know, but it still seems unlikely.

Charlie Marks said...

Well, McD needs 18 more votes to get on the ballot. I fear considerations of who of the union tops would back him may prove to be premature. The cowardice of the PLP...