Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New Labour and lie detectors

The TUC has just published their response (Lies, damn lies and lie detectors) to the John Hutton's BIG idea of lie detectors to root out those "benefit fraudsters".

As the TUC argue: "Using voice-stress analysis software when people apply for benefits will intimidate some who are not fraudulent into withdrawing their claims, and we can confidently predict that innocent people will account for a majority of those whose claims are delayed while they provide extra evidence to support their claims".

It is a terrible and shocking injustice that the same expensive technology cannot be used on lying New Labour warmongers. I mean, Blair shouldn't despair he should get his results in a matter of ..........45 minutes.


AN said...

It is interesting how the unions now are really the political opposition to the government.

They are - or rather should be - the key area of activity for coaislists.

A point that cannot be repeated and emphasised enough in my opinion!!

Louisefeminista said...

Well yes, as an union activist myself, it goes without saying that it should be key area of activity for Socialists.

That means as well taking on the union bureaucracy.