Saturday, May 12, 2007

Massacre in Pakistan - General Strike Monday!


News is breaking through from comrades in Paksitan of a high level of government violence against democracy protestors. Appalling violence has been employed by the Mutahida Qomi Movement (MQM), (an islamist political party of Urdu speakers) supporting the military government of Musharraf. A least 30 people have been killed as right wing thugs attacked democracy protestors, shooting them dead.

Even Hospitals were attacked by armed government supporters. MQM gunmen firing at the hospital for about one hour from the roofs of adjoining buildings injuring some patients & several visitors. A hospital staff member said, "We were lying on the ground to avoid getting injured."

Sindhi and Punjabi Police Constables complained that they had only been issued with wooden trungeons (lathees) to deal with armed terrorists, saying to reporters: “This is a deliberate high level conspiracy”

Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) General Secretary, Farooq Tariq while holding Musharraf regime, Sindh government and MQM responsible for the killings in Karachi, has paid tributes to the political activists who laid their lives for the cause of democracy as well as independence of judiciary and valiantly faced the bullets.

He also announced to observe the Black day and appealed to the workers, trade unions and masses to observe a general strike on Monday. He said: ‘ The government and it’s political pet MQM have been hand in glove in perpetuating violence in order to derail the democracy movement further triggered by the dismissal of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry’.

He demanded an immediate resignation of general Musharraf, Sindh governor and chief minister.

Farooq said hundreds of thousands of pro-democracy workers received Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry on GT Road, dozens of rallies have been held by lawyers and activists all across the country since March 9 and nowhere even a stone was cast. ‘The blood is on the hands of federal as well as Sindh government and MQM leadership. A judicial inquiry should be conducted to probe the killings and culprits be brought to justice’, he demanded.

Paying tributes to the democracy martyrs, he said movements grow when watered by the blood of martyrs. He vowed to continue the democracy struggle on the platform of his party in collaboration with other democratic and progressive forces.

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