Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tolpuddle Green Camp

Every year the Tolpuddle festival in Dorset gets better. This year the TUC and National Union of Students are organising a course of Trade Unions and the environment between 11th July and 15th July. The course has been developed by the TUC with the support of the Trade Unions Sustainable Advisory Committee.

The course will address how as trade unionists we can promote sustainable policies at work. Workplaces burn energy, use resources and generate waste, and are one of the most obvious places where energy saving can make a big impact. This also has the strength of building upon people’s individual attempts to reduce their carbon footprint, and direct the same approach in a more collective way.

Of course the big day of the Festival will by Sunday 15th when thousands of trade unionists from round the country will gather to pay tribute to the martyrs, and speakers include comedian Mark Thomas, Tony Benn, and they will be joined by entertainment including (of course) Billy Bragg, and Chumbawumba.

To attend the course contact South West TUC on 0117 947 9521.

Even if you don't go on the course, come to Tolpuddle, it is a fantastic day out for any labour movement activist, even better come and camp for the whole weekend.

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